• Country of Origin:China
  • Kyoto Computer Gakuin  Advanced Digital Game and Amusement Program student

What made you decide to study in Kyoto?

I have loved Japanese anime ever since I was a child, especially “One Piece” and “Naruto”. I was also familiar with games such as “Super Mario” and “Pokemon”, and had a great admiration for Japanese culture, so I wanted to study in Japan. First, I was fascinated by the content of the classes at Kyoto Computer Gakuin. Also, I think Kyoto is a wonderful blend of old and new culture.

How is your student life in Kyoto?

More than anything, I love Kyoto’s beautiful scenery. I have visited various tourist spots, but I was particularly impressed by the autumn colors at Arashiyama. Also, since I am currently living near Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine, I sometimes go there for a walk. I was the only international student when I entered the Advanced Digital Game and Amusement Program, and at first I wasn’t confident in my Japanese and couldn’t speak well, but a love of games is something that everyone has in common, which helped me make friends.

What is your future goal?

For my graduation project, I made an action game called “Ninja Parkour”. It was a lot of fun to use my own abilities to give a Japanese ninja, which I love, Super Mario-like movements. I have no specific goals for the future, but after graduating, I plan to study artificial intelligence at the Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics (KCGI), which belongs to the same group as my current school. I am looking forward to expanding my abilities, such as being able to control the movement of game characters and robots, by acquiring knowledge and skills in artificial intelligence.

Tell me something you have got from your time in Kyoto?

The year I turned 20, the age of majority in Japan, a teacher at the language school let me participate in the “Coming of Age Ceremony” in traditional Japanese clothing.

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