Japanese language education program

Distance learning system before visiting Japan

In cooperation with Japanese language schools in Japan and educational institutions in other countries, this course is provided through a hybrid approach using online and face-to-face so that students can effectively learn Japanese to be able to acquire N2 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). You can learn Japanese in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition, there are specialized subjects in the fields you will study after your arrival in Kyoto as well as subjects unique to Kyoto, which will be highly likely to increase your expectations for your study abroad.

Samples of course contents

  • Orientation

  • Online learning before coming to Japan – The significance of studying in Kyoto (1)

  • Online learning before coming to Japan – Temples (1)

  • Online learning before coming to Japan – Kyomachiya townhouses (1)

Short-term Japanese language education program in Japan

By developing a high level of Japanese language skills through meticulous teaching, students can participate in the classes of specialized training colleges smoothly from the beginning and adjust to their life in Kyoto more quickly.

Pre-enrollment education program at specialized training colleges

In parallel with the studies at Japanese language school, students can attend the pre-enrollment education program at the specialized training colleges in Kyoto Prefecture where they are planning to enter. The program is designed to provide them with the necessary background knowledge so that they can start their professional studies with confidence.

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