The Appeal of Kyoto’s Vocational Schools

What will you learn in Kyoto?

First of all, I want to master the Japanese language perfectly! I also want to be able to use the Kyoto dialect of maiko, young apprentice geisha girls.
I want to acquire solid knowledge and skills to help people’s health.
I love Japanese anime and manga! I want to learn well to succeed as a creator.
I want to become a guide with the best communication skills in Kyoto, a city visited by people from all over the world.
I love delicate and beautiful Kyoto cuisine! I want to be able to serve it by myself someday.
I want to learn how to make people look cute and lovely in a city full of cuteness!
Living in Kyoto might be the best enjoyment to me! I want to experience a lot of Kyoto’s

Supporting study at vocational schools under the “Kyoto Okoshiyasu Model”

“Studying abroad leaving your beloved home country may induce your anxiety, which may be as much as your yearning to explore. Kyoto has accepted many international students so far.”
From the first day of your visit, both of the people and the cities in Kyoto have an atmosphere that welcomes you with “Okoshiyasu”. There are many international students here.
“The rich nature in the neighborhood and old and new cultures will make your life more enjoyable and motivate you to learn more. In addition, if you want to study at specialized training colleges, the Kyoto Okoshiyasu Model will fully support you. Please visit us without worry. ”

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