Career Paths

1. Finding employment in Kyoto or Japan

Job hunting when at a vocational school is led by the school and can proceed efficiently.
One of the major features is the cooperation between the classroom teachers who know the students well and the employment guidance staff who are familiar with recruiting information from companies.
Companies are selected that suit each student’s wishes and aptitudes.

Characteristics of job hunting at a vocational school

Guidance to raise employment awareness starts at the time of admission
Careful preparation for job hunting is integrated into the curriculum
Strong relationship of trust with companies based on accumulated results
Friendly guidance for each student through cooperation between classroom teachers and the employment guidance department
Generous post-graduation follow-up, such as career consulting

Employment support in Kyoto

Physical Therapist・Occupational Therapist

Students can participate in internships at a company in Kyoto Prefecture. By understanding Japanese business customs and corporate culture, students acquire the ability to find employment and succeed in Japan.
In addition, increased understanding of the details and attractiveness of each company and mutual understanding between students and companies open paths for students to remain in Kyoto after graduation.

2. Transfer to a university or graduate school in Japan or Kyoto

For international students who want to deepen their studies further after studying at a vocational school, support is provided so that they can choose from a wide range of career paths, including transfer to a university.

Information on universities and graduate schools in Kyoto: Study Kyoto website other window

3. Finding work or starting a business overseas

Students who want to find work in their home country or are thinking of starting a business, should look for a job while studying in Japan or after returning home.
If explaining Japan’s higher education system and qualification system such as degrees is necessary for employment overseas, please see the information regarding Japan’s higher education system and qualifications at the National Information Center for Academic Recognition Japan (NIC-Japan) website.

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