Attainable qualifications

Obtain a diploma or advanced diploma

Vocational school graduates are granted a “Diploma” if graduating from a department of a technical college certified by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology based on common standards.
In addition, those who have completed an advanced vocational school will be granted the title of “Advanced Diploma”.

Differences between diplomas and advanced diplomas

Obtain a diploma Advanced diploma
Course length At least two years At least four years
Class hours At least 1,700 credit hours At least 3,400 credit hours
Completion certification Evaluated based on grades in exams, etc. and certified as having completed the course Evaluated based on grades in exams, etc. and certified as having completed the course
Course organization Not regulated The curriculum is systematically organized
Career Paths Graduates from a department that awards diplomas are eligible for transfer admission to a university Graduates from a department that awards advanced diplomas are eligible for admission to graduate school

Qualifications and certifications that can be obtained at a vocational school

There are several patterns in how to obtain qualifications, such as national qualifications that are awarded upon graduation, and eligibility to sit a qualification exam upon graduation. Please ask a school for details.



Can work in building design and construction supervision. The size (total area) and building structure (reinforced concrete, steel frame, wooden, etc.) of buildings that can be worked on differ depending on the class and type.

Class and type Class 1・Class 2・Wooden
Certifier Certifying organization

Construction management engineer

The qualification required for creating construction plans at construction sites, and managing site processes, safety, quality, etc. The scale of construction sites that can be managed differs depending on the class.

Class and type Class 1・Class 2
Certifier Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Automobile mechanic

Performs inspection, maintenance, repair, etc. of automobiles. Vocational school graduates are exempt from the practical examination when taking the 2nd Class Automobile Mechanic national examination.

Class and type Class 1・Class 2・3rd Class・Special (automobile tire mechanic, etc.)
Certifier Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Fundamental Information Technology Engineer

Design and develop programs for information system development, utilizing fundamental knowledge about general information technology.

Certifier Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

Applied Information Technology Engineer

Has acquired a wide range of knowledge and application capabilities as an IT engineer, from technology to management and business operations, and demonstrates high performance in aspects such as system development and IT infrastructure construction

Certifier Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry


Exams that aim to improve within a specialized area and acquire comprehensive skills in various fields, from exams that test knowledge in the IT field to exams for designers and creators who express themselves using CG, exams for engineers and programmers who develop and design in the CG field, and exams that evaluate knowledge of Web creation.

Class and type ICG creator, web designer, CG engineer, image processing engineer, multimedia
Certifying organization Computer Graphic Arts Society

CAD engineer (1D/2D)

Tests knowledge of CAD systems in general and drawing and tracing abilities in the fields of architecture and machinery. Not only CAD knowledge, but also business knowledge and computer processing knowledge are required.

Class and type 2D: 1st or 2nd Class or basic; 3D: 1st or 2nd Class
Certifying organization Association for Computer Skills Promotion

Traditional craftsperson

A certification system for artisans that manufacture “traditional crafts of Japan” as designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, and who possess high-level skills and techniques. As of 2019, Japan has designated 235 craftworks as traditional crafts of Japan.

Certifying organization The Association for the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries


Athletic Trainer

Specialists who work in close cooperation with sports doctors and coaches and are responsible for health management and disability prevention, first aid for sports injuries and disabilities, rehabilitation, physical training and conditioning for athletes.

Certifying organization Japan Sport Association and others

Health Exercise Instructor

Recognized as having the ability to safely and effectively provide practical guidance for exercise aimed at active health promotion.

Certifying organization Japan Health Promotion & Fitness Foundation

Acupuncturist / Moxibutionist

Acupuncturist and moxibutionist are different qualifications, but both exams are often taken at the same time, and those who perform both treatments are called acupuncturists. By puncturing acupuncture points with a needle or warming them with moxibustion, the balance of mind and body is adjusted and health recovery is helped or treated.

Certifier Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare

Anma massage / Shiatsu massage

Manual therapy is performed on the acupuncture points of the body.

Certifier Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare

Physical therapist / Occupational therapist

A physiotherapist rehabilitates basic body movements such as standing up, getting up from horizontal, walking, and turning over while horizontal.
Occupational therapists provide occupational training through horticulture, ceramics, handicrafts, etc. for the purpose of rehabilitating persons with physical or mental disabilities.

Certifier Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare

Dental hygienist

Involved in medical assistance, tartar removal, dental cavity preventive treatment, and dental health guidance in dental treatment.

Certifier Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare

Medical billing work, medical assistant work, medical secretary work

A certification for smoothly performing the various types of medical assistant work such as reception, medical record management, equipment operator, accounting (calculation of treatment costs) and medical billing.

Class and type Class 1・Class 2
Certifying organization Japan Medical Insurance Office Work Association, Japan Association of Business Certifications and others


Performs work to adjust a person’s appearance by cutting hair and shaving.

Certifier Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare


In addition to haircuts, perms, styling, and coloring, also performs makeup, dressing, nail care, and full-body beauty treatment.

Certifier Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare


A national qualification unique to Japan for the purpose of promoting the rational development of food preparation technology and thereby contributing to the improvement of the nation’s dietary habits. Only a person who has a chef’s license can use the title of chef. They are a specialist engaged in cooking.

Certifier Prefectural governor

Confectionery hygienist

A national qualification stipulated by the Confectionery Hygienists Act. Applies to any genre such as Japanese or Western confectionery. An expert with a wide range of knowledge from the ingredients of confectionery to hygiene aspects.

Certifier Prefectural governor


A qualification that evaluates and certifies a series of skills and related knowledge for bread production, from the selection of raw ingredients to baking and finishing.

Class and type Special grade to 2nd grade
Certifier Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare


A qualification that certifies the possession of a certain level of skill and knowledge in making sweets.

Class and type 1st and 2nd grades for Western and Japanese confectionery
Certifier Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare

Registered dietitian

It is obligatory to have a registered dietitian in facilities such as hospitals and schools that provide group meals of 300 or more meals at one time. Registered dietitians use specialized knowledge and skills to provide nutritional guidance, group meal management and nutritional management tailored to sick, elderly, and healthy individuals.

Certifier Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare

Pet Care Advisor

A pet specialist who spreads information on the habits of pets, how to care for them properly, and the spirit of animal welfare to many people.

Class and type Class 1・Class 2
Certifying organization Japan Pet Care Association

Animal trimmer

A person who performs trimming (shampoo, conditioning, and cutting of hair; nail and skin care) as a beautician for dogs and cats. While performing the work, they observe the health condition of the pet and detect diseases and parasites at an early stage.

Certifier Japan Kennel Club, Association for Animal Vocational Schools, Japan Dog Association and others

Education and social welfare

Nursery school teacher

Provides childcare for preschoolers on behalf of their parents at child welfare facilities such as nursery schools and orphanages.

Certifier Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare

Class 2 kindergarten teacher

Involved in childcare and promoting the mental and physical development of children in kindergarten from the age of 3 until they enter elementary school, through music, painting, games, etc.

Certifying organization Prefectural Board of Education

Certified Care Worker

Provides everyday nursing care for the elderly and the physically and mentally disabled at facilities and at home. They are also called a care worker.

Certifier Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare

Commercial occupations

Restaurant services

Certifies skills as a specialist in food and beverage services at hotels and restaurants.

Class and type 1st to 3rd grades
Certifying organization The Japan Hotel and Restaurant Service Development Association

Hotel management

Judges the possession of accurate knowledge and experience and have the ability to make decisions as an operator or manager of a hotel or inn.

Class and type 1st to 3rd grades
Certifying organization Japan Lodging Management Competence Association

Certified Travel Service Supervisor

Performs the management and supervision of affairs necessary to ensure the fairness of travel-related transactions. General level supervisors can handle both domestic and international travel.

Class and type Domestic or general
Certifier Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Tour Conductor (Travel Itinerary Control Manager)

The qualification which is necessary to accompany tours and group trips planned by travel agencies, make arrangements with transportation operators, accommodation facilities, etc. according to the plan and manage the itinerary smoothly.

Class and type Domestic or general
Certifying organization Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Certified public accountant

Performs audits and certifications of financial documents of companies and business establishments, as well as financial consultation.

Certifying organization Certified Public Accountants and Auditing Oversight Board of the Financial Services Agency

Tax accountant

Performs agency work and document preparation for tax filings such as income tax, business tax, corporate tax and property tax at the request of companies and businesses.

Certifier Commissioner of the National Tax Agency

Official Business Skill Test in Book-keeping

The qualification required for corporate accounting specialists. Those who pass Level 1 are eligible to take the tax accountant examination.

Class and type Levels 1 to 4
Certifying organization Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Culture and liberal arts

Tea ceremony

Comprehensively learn from the basics through a combination of skills, lectures, and practical training to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills of a “tea ceremony instructor.”

Class and type Levels 1 to 4
Certifying organization Urasenke Foundation Konnichian


A worldwide test that widely evaluates English communication skills.

Certifying organization The Institute for International Business Communication
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