• Country of Origin:Vietnam
  • 1st year Student of the Department of Welfare Kyoto YMCA College

What made you decide to study in Kyoto?

I got to know Japan through anime and manga,and I became fond of Japan and the Japanesepeople. I especially like the way that Japanesepeople take care to be punctual. Among manycities in Japan, I particularly longed to spendtime in Kyoto, which has a long history andbeautiful scenery. My seniors informed me of acollege specializing in nursing care and welfarethat I became interested in. I also checked outthe college by myself and became keen to studythere.

How is your student life in Kyoto?

Kyoto is a very comfortable city to live in. I havenot been yet to some temples I wanted to visit,but I have enjoyed the beauty of nature anddelicious foods in each of the four seasons.Among the places I have visited so far, I enjoyedthe aquarium because it was very large andclean and had many kinds of fish. Also, I lovedmy grandparents who lived with my family andwanted to learn how to take care of them, sothat was the reason I chose the Department ofNursing Care and Welfare. There are manythings to learn in classes including the classesin practical skills. Elderly people in Japan arekind and I like them very much.

What is your future goal?

My primary goal now is to study hard and obtainthe license of care worker . Then I would like toget a job at a Japanese facility. Since I really loveliving in Kyoto, I want to live in Kyoto as long aspossible and make friends with more Japanesepeople. And at work, I want to improve my skillsto become a person who can generously conveymy experience and knowledge to my juniorcolleagues.

Tell me something you have got from your time in Kyoto?

I had longed to be a Japanese woman in kimono[a traditional Japanese pieces of clothing]. So Iwas really moved when I wore yukata [a lightcotton kimono] in the summer

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