• Country of Origin:Vietnam
  • Student of Kyoshin Language Academy

What made you decide to study in Kyoto?

I became fond of Japanese anime when I was in junior high school and wanted to know more about Japan. When I did some research, I found that Japan is a country with a well-developed economy and education. I also learned that Kyoto was the capital of Japan long ago and that it maintains many characteristic events such as ancient traditions and festivals. Seeing such information made me definitely want to study in Japan and also to live in Kyoto to experience Japan’s unique culture and traditions.

How is your student life in Kyoto?

It was a shame that the Gion Festival that I was looking forward to was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but there was the benefit that there were fewer people in the famous tourist spots so I could enjoy them leisurely. Working a part-time job at a convenience store has also provided interesting experiences. I improved my Japanese while enjoying chatting with customers and learned words from the Kansai dialect such as “ookini,” “nanbo,” and “akan.” Of course, the Kyoshin Language Academy has an environment where you can concentrate on studying. I especially like the grammar lessons and the “purpose-specific” lessons where everyone can share quizzes and questions to deepen their understanding of Japanese.

What is your future goal?

My dream is to become an interpreter. By studying in Japan I have improved my language ability considerably through talking with people from various countries in Japanese, but I need to study more seriously to realize my dream. I want to continue learning Japanese more thoroughly and, at the same time, improve my communication skills. Then, in the future, I want to be a bridge that connects people and countries.

Tell me something you have got from your time in Kyoto?

I have fallen in love with Kiyomizu-dera Temple and have been there many times. The atmosphere of the road leading towards it and its grounds, and the view looking out over the city of Kyoto from the Kiyomizu Stage are all beautiful and wonderful.

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