• Country of Origin:China
  • Student of Total Beauty Program, Kyoto College of Medical Health

What made you decide to study in Kyoto?

In my childhood, I was familiar with Japaneseanimation. After growing up, I began to admireJapan by finding beautiful scenery andtownscapes in travel magazines. Additionally,since the cultures of Japan and China are sosimilar to each other, I thought I would easily getused to life in Japan. I therefore decided to goand learn in Japan. At first I was studying at aJapanese language school in another region,but when I went to Kyoto on a trip, I wasattracted by the charm of Kyoto, where urbanareas like Kawaramachi and beautiful shrinesand temples coexist, and became eager to liveand learn in Kyoto.

How is your student life in Kyoto?

Before coming to Kyoto, my image of Kyoto wasan old town. Once I started my life in Kyoto,however, I found it very convenient to live in thecity. The city is more modern than I expected. I amstudying in the Total Beauty Program, which is forlearning the skills to make a person beautiful.Since there are many fashionable shops filled withitems with excellent designs in Kyoto, I canimprove my sense of beauty. At the same time,there are also big shrines, temples and rich naturalsurroundings just a short distance from the cityarea, and their tranquility heals my mind.

What is your future goal?

would like to make my family, friends and othersbeautiful through the skills I learn. I have learnedvarious knowledge and skills to make myselfand other people beautiful. Among them, it has been especially fun and fulfilling to actually makemy classmates beautiful in the practical trainingof esthetics. After graduating, I want to get a jobat a Japanese trading company of cosmeticgoods. I would like to make efforts to improve myskills and to become an esthetic instructor in thefuture to convey what I have learned in order tomake more people beautiful.

Tell me something you have got from your time in Kyoto?

Thanks to a class in which I wore kimono[traditional Japanese clothing] and experiencedthe culture of tea, I have become a big fan of thekimono. I also have a good memory of wearing akimono and going to Arashiyama to see theautumn leaves. I am going to wear hakama at mycollege graduation ceremony and the entranceceremony for my company.

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