• Country of Origin:Indonesia
  • Student of Media Computing Program,Kyoto Computer Gakuin

What made you decide to study in Kyoto?

I had various reasons, among which the most important was that I was fascinated by various aspects ofJapanese culture. In particular, Kyoto is emblematic of the image of Japan, a fantastic city with manyold buildings as well as history and tradition. Since I’m interested in video editing and programming, Idecided to enter the Media Computing Program of Kyoto Computer Gakuin, from which I can go on tograduate school to study more deeply.

How is your student life in Kyoto?

Now I live in the Tofukuji area, where there are many temples. It’s very calm, with a beautiful, quiet naturalenvironment. Still, the bus stops and train stations are nearby. It’s amazing to be able to go anywhere bypublic transport, which is impossible in Indonesia. Also, at the risk of sounding rude, before comingJapan, because of some information I found on the Internet, I was afraid that foreigners like me wouldn’tbe welcomed here. However, I am now enjoying my life in Japan and find it very comfortable.

What is your future goal?

After graduation, I will go on to the Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics (KCGI), theassociated graduate school of Kyoto Computer Gakuin, and major in ERP (Enterprise ResourcePlanning) to study more practical strategies in IT. I haven’t really thought about the future after going onto the graduate school, but I would like to play an active role in a job where I can make use of thecomputer knowledge I have acquired and my Japanese, English and Indonesian language skills.

Tell me something you have got from your time in Kyoto?

There are many delicious foods in Japan, out of all of them I am especially fond of Japanese-style curry.

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